Mikołaj Zając

If your business is boring, repetitive and generic, you don’t need to work with Star Technology - better choose any other company and you won’t be disappointed, because you don’t really care anyway. However, if your work is your life and your business is your passion, then you do care and you have to continue development - and you’ve just found the right guys for the job!
Before them, I had never in my life experienced any of the subcontractors reminding me after 14 hours of work of any single module we may have forgotten to cover.
The people at Star Technology are not afraid of hard work or challenge; what’s more, they also enjoy their projects and seem to be really satisfied with their results. You can’t rely on them as far as your contractual deadlines go - they would complete their jobs 2-3 weeks EARLIER than they declared on each of the 3 projects they were doing for me.
As I was setting out working with them, I just wanted to have one small project done. Soon it turned out I met the people who have since been helping me define the quality of IT at my company. I can honestly recommend them as a rare example of a business that cares about money only in the second place, while the client always comes first (we share the same way of thinking, and we only have such companies as our partners).

Coltex ST Sp. z o.o.

Coltex ST Sp. z o.o. hired Star Technology Sp. z o.o., a limited liability company with its registered seat at: ul. T. Zana 32A, 20-601 Lublin, to develop and implement an online money uploading system for prepaid service user accounts in the retail network of Coltex, Authorized Partner of Polkomtel Sp. z o.o. - operator of Plus mobile network.
The system was deployed in March 2011 and has since been working continuously in our sales network, without any failures or errors that would threaten the smooth operating process or safety. It is used by several hundred users daily, and these users close tens of thousands of transactions each month at over 160 POS.
Since the system was implemented, Star Technology Sp. z o.o. has been responsible for its daily maintenance, user support, etc. Our cooperation relating to the implementation and maintenance has been perfect. We are satisfied with our work with Star Technology Sp. z o.o. and we can recommend it as a reliable and creative business partner.

Tomasz Dąbrowski
KDS Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

Star Technology Sp. z o.o. is the vendor of “KDS24”, a dedicated solution developed precisely for our company's needs, to support the main business processes at KDS Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.
We have been working with Star Technology since 2013. We worked together on the system solution concept, yet the system itself and its functionality is the exclusive achievement of Star Technology. With implementation of “KDS24”, we were able to modernize our company’s work, and our customers have more interesting options for accessing their orders and reviewing the designed labels. Deployment of the system brought us over 30% savings on order performance, and the volume of errors, complaints and delays has decreased strongly. At the moment, Star Technology is supporting us with maintenance and development of its “KDS24” system, providing us in addition with advice and professional help in resolving any kind of problems concerning the system functioning. We are very satisfied with the system and therefore we decided to outsource development of another module of “KDS24” from Star Technology.
Based on the history of our cooperation, we consider Star Technology to be a competent partner with a professional attitude to its obligations towards the client.
We believe that Star Technology is a recommendable partner for development and maintenance of IT systems. We hope that our further cooperation continues to be as efficient as before.

Star Telecom Sp. z o.o.

Star Telecom Sp. z o.o. hereby gives its recommendation to Star Technology Sp. z o.o., a limited liability company with its registered seat in Lublin, as we consider Star Technology to be a trustworthy partner in the field of designing, programming, implementing and calibrating complex IT systems supporting enterprise operations..
During the last year, which is the eighth year of our uninterrupted smooth cooperation, Star Technology completed the deployment of a new ERP class system at our company. RZ Biznes is another implementation of this type, following the highly successful RapStar Oreos that we used previously. RZ Biznes is a B2B sales network management system at our company and an indispensable working tool for tens of our users. It encompasses logistics and settlement processes, streamlines information flow and smooth performance of complex goods turnover processes and accounting of the complex commission and bonus system in the sales network. The process of system development was friendly for our business, quick and highly effective. The specific stages of implementation were proceeding on time, without any interruption whatsoever. Importantly, while the system was being developed, multiple remarks and comments from Star Technology’s consultants would not only help them develop solutions beyond our expectations but also point to potential improvements needed for our procedures and operating principles.
RZ Biznes is currently supported by Star Technology on the basis of a regular cooperation agreement. The quality of delivered solutions, exceeding the client’s expectations, ability to listen to the needs of the client and future system users, making the implementation successful, professional competences and the individual approach to clients, so rare in this industry - these are the qualities on which we base our recommendation for Star Technology.